Why personalise your uniform?

Personalisation of uniform enables businesses to offer their staff a distinct identity and support the promotion of their brand. The finish is professional, hardwearing and durable.

When adding a logo to your garment via embroidery, a metal frame is placed onto the garment and backing fabric is applied to the logo area. This ensures that the garment is secure while the logo is stitched. Occasionally, this process may leave a mark on the garment but is nothing that can’t be easily rubbed or washed off. The actual embroidery process is carried out by a computerised embroidery machine. Your logo is digitised and submitted to the embroidery machines, with the process beginning once additional instructions like the colour of the threads have also been submitted. We use only the best threads and embroidery machines to guarantee the highest quality result.

We can embroider most items but sometimes vinyl printing works better for example on waterproof clothing.  The embroidery needles would puncture the fabric therefore making it non-waterproof.  For these types of garments we would offer vinyl printing.

Thin fabrics can sometimes pucker with the heavy stitch count so again, we would recommend vinyl printing.